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Water Filtration ~ The Answer to Your Water Treatment Needs

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We know how to make drinking water of pond or cistern water.
We manufacture and distribute our own product line.
We have been in business since 1960.

...mentioned in Taunton's Fine Homebuilding Magazine, Nov 2001, No. 142, Page 86, RAINWATER COLLECTION SYSTEMS by Peter L. Pfeiffer


"I have seen roofwashers built from scratch, but building one is time consuming.  Instead we use a product made by THE WATER FILTRATION COMPANY (waterfiltrationcompany.com; 800-733-6953) of Marietta, Ohio.  Their roofwashers outperform anything I have ever seen built on site and cost about $600".

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Water Filtration Company
1205 Gilman St.
Marietta, OH  45750

Our guide, ALTERNATIVE WATER SOURCES FOR RURAL AREAS, provides information on products which allow you to take full advantage of surface water sources.  These products are designed specifically for surface water and will perform together as a complete system, or separately to improve the quality of an existing water system.

In addition to the online version, we have this guide available for download as the 207KB compressed file, wfc.exe.  Please "click here" to start a download.

Though Floating Aerator Fountains are listed in our guide, you will soon find an updated brochure online as both a webpage and a file download.

Water Filtration Company President, Phillip S. McClay is a member of the State of Ohio Private Water Systems Board, which meets with the Governor on water issues.

Member and Vice President of the Ohio Water Quality Association
Member of the Better Business Bureau
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Water Filtration ~ The Answer to Your Water Treatment Needs

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